Yuwipi Wasicun, Sacred Stone




During a yuwipi ceremony the hands of the medicine man who has received the yuwipi powers are tied behind his back. His arms and legs are also tied together. His whole body is wrapped in blankets, which are in turn tied together with ropes. The room is darkened and the singers and helpers who have come along start to sing the sacred songs. The presence of the spirits is made visible when rattles suddenly start flying through the room. From these rattles, which are filled with small sacred stones, come flashes of light, making the spirits visible for a split-second. The ceremony is finished when the spirits have helped the medicine man out of his ropes and blankets. Like the medicine man who is trapped in ropes during a yuwipi ceremony, so too, are we ourselves trapped in our negative emotions or diseases. The moment the answer comes there is a breakthrough: finally we can release ourselves from the ropes. Such a breakthrough often comes with an enormous relief. It feels like liberation to discharge all our built up energy. Enjoy this breakthrough!


560-days Calendar


Day 161  Cyclus 63

season color: green


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