Okiciwastepi, Harmony




East of the Milky Way lives the morning star, Great Star Man and west of the Milky Way lives the evening star, White Star Woman. The evening star and the morning star are one another’s opposite. When we gaze at the sky and see them sparkle, we see two separate, completely different stars. As women we identify with the evening star, while as men we identify with the morning star. What is much more difficult to see, is that the two stars are connected. Through their love they form a whole, which is neither feminine nor masculine. The paradigm of polarities is of the head: I am either male or female. As long as we attempt in our heads to embody one of the two, we can find no rest. Harmony arises when you realize all oppositions come together inside you. You are not one thing or the other. One is not better than the other. Each one resides within the other and together they form a harmonious whole.


560-days Calendar


Day 366  Cyclus 63

season color: blue


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