Unk, Passion




Unk came intobeing as the daughter of Maka. She possessed overwhelming beauty and enormous passion. Maka was so jealous of her beauty that she cast Unk from her into the waters of the Earth where Unk came to live. She was lonely and extremely angry. Maka’s passion was jealousy. Unk’s passion was anger. Your passion is that emotion that fuels the most important actions of your life. Try to ascertain for yourself what passion has twisted your life around the most. What emotion drives you to extremes? There are different ways of dealing with your passion. Maka and Unk exercised their passion unbridled, and so were caught up in their passions for the longest time. On the other hand, some people choose to suppress their passions. Yet, suppression eventually also leads to explosive tirades when the suppressed emotions finally surface. Live with your passion by feeling her through. Observe what you feel with compassion, without submitting to your passionate impulses. When you feel the energy of your passion, you can observe the enormous potential hidden beyond the surface. Stop fighting and use the power your passion grants you.

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Day 37  Cyclus 63

season color: yellow


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