Unchi Iktomi, Grandmother Spider




Unchi Iktomi appears in the mythology of nearly every North-American Indian tribe. The Seneca tell of how Grandmother Spider was there even before creation began. Nobody knows how long she waited in her web for creation to begin. The Hopi regard Grandmother Spider as one of the most important gods in mythology. Here she is very small and disappears as quickly as she arrives. Often she will appear on the shoulder of young men who have gotten themselves in trouble. Then, drawing on her infinite wisdom, she whispers to them advice of what to do. In Lakota mythology the spider is the deceiver. After Ksa had lent his aid in embarrassing the gods, he was banished to Earth as Iktomi. Here he began hatching all manner of schemes intended to disrupt the lives of all the others living on Earth, out of revenge for being banished. His plans always reveal the weaknesses of the beings he manages to deceive. You cannot hide from Grandmother Spider. Using her web she detects every vibration, every movement. That is how she comes to know all. Are you able to look Grandmother Spider in the eyes? Or are you a prisoner in her web?

560-days Calendar


Day 319  Cyclus 62

season color: blue


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