Mahpiya Tipi, The House in Heaven




The Earth went through a long development cycle before she was ready to receive humans. She needed time to mature before she could fulfill this task. You too need time to mature before you can reach your full potential. All the events you experience help you in your development and increase your potential. The Earth, the House in Heaven exists so you could give yourself a vehicle allowing you to go through this development. All the beautiful and painful experiences you have are leading you to your ultimate potential: being a person with an ecstatic consciousness. This ecstatic consciousness you can achieve by harmonizing the opposition between pain and joy: by realizing pain and joy are two sides of the same coin. This consciousness you can achieve by refraining from pursuing joy only and experiencing life in all her fullness, including the pain. Stop judging your experiences. Judgments are of the head. An ecstatic consciousness you can only experience through your heart.


560-days Calendar


Day 326  Cyclus 64

season color: blue


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