Canupa, The Sacred Pipe


The Red Road


The Red Road is the Lakota path to spiritual enlightenment. Many people who decide to walk the sacred path have a canupa. On this path the canupa acts as a kind of divining-rod. Living with a canupa means you are willing to walk the Red Road, the path of courage, strength, generosity and integrity. Of course there are moments where one gets lost. At these times the canupa is your guide back to the Red Road. If you’re at a loss about where you are or what to do, you can sit down with your canupa and regain contact with your heart. The canupa is the symbol of your heart. This is an invitation to give yourself some direction. This is an invitation to take the next step on the Red Road, the path of integrity of the heart.


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Day 288  Cyclus 62

season color: blue


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