Cante Wakan, The Sacred Heart




The Sun Dance is one of the seven sacred ceremonies of the Lakota. In this ceremony, great sacrifices are made to pray for prosperity, healing or direction. Integrity is expected of the dancers. Someone who is about to perform a Sun Dance, or has done one, is expected to be sincere and pure. During the dance you show your heart to all the people who are present. Any human of integrity does as he says and says what he does. This is something only few can claim to do. It takes enormous self-discipline to truly always do as you say and to always say what you do. A person of integrity doesn’t sell himself out. He knows what his truth is and doesn’t settle for less. In return he receives a wonderful gift: to never regret anything. If you retain your integrity in every moment and every situation, you can never blame yourself for anything: you always did the best you could do.


560-days Calendar


Day 553  Cyclus 64

season color: red


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