Wakinyan Oyate, The Chosen People




The Wakinyan Oyate are a free people who live according to four virtues: courage, strength, generosity and integrity. In the old days these virtues were required from everyone. Thus the people remained strong and lived in harmony. Only when everyone was doing well could an individual be well, so sharing was highly emphasized. When a hunt was successful, everyone was provided with food. The hunters shared the meat with everyone. How generous are you? Is it easy for you to give something away? True generosity knows no bounds. The truly generous person gives away what is most difficult for him to part with. In sharing sincerely, you will learn something important: letting go. You learn how to detach yourself from your possessions and the status or self-worth you derive from them. If today is the day of Wakinyan Oyate, or if you’ve drawn the Wakinyan Oyate card, give something away you’re attached to. The more often you do this, the easier it will become and the richer you’ll feel.

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Day 416  Cyclus 63

season color: blue


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